The ICHO information is temporarily unavailable. We are currently reviewing the lists and contact details of international claims handling offices and will make them available soon. Please contact the relevant Green Card Bureau or Information Center for more information.

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Organisation Type Code Name Website Phone Email
Green Card Bureau CZ Česká kancelář pojistitelů [420] 221 413 111
Compensation Body CZ Czech Insurers Bureau [420] 221 413 111
Guarantee Fund CZ Czech Insurers Bureau [420] 221 413 111
Information Centre CZ Czech Insurers Bureau [420] 221 413 111
Name IC Code Website Phone Email Status
AIG Europe Limited, branch for the Czech Republic (ex CHARTIS EUROPE, S.A.) CZ-8801 CZ 00420/234108311 inactive
Allianz pojišťovna, a.s. CZ-0008 CZ 00420/224405111 active
AXA ­pojišťovna,­ a.s. CZ-0072 CZ [420]292 292 292 active
Česká podnikatelská pojišťovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group CZ-0034 CZ 00420/956451121 active
Generali Česká pojišťovna, a.s. CZ-0001 CZ 00420/241114114 active
CSOB pojištovna, a.s. CZ-0028 CZ inactive
ČSOB pojišťovna, a.s. (ex IPB pojišťovna, a.s.) CZ-0002 CZ 00420/467007111 active
DIRECT pojišťovna, a.s. CZ-0067 CZ 00420/225393111 inactive
DIRECT pojišťovna, a.s. (ex Triglav pojišťovna, a.s.) CZ-0040 CZ 00420/272099910 active
Generali pojišťovna, a.s. CZ-0024 CZ 00420/241114114 inactive
Hasičská vzájemná pojišťovna, a.s. CZ-0004 CZ 00420/222119111 active
Komercní pojištovna, a.s. CZ-0031 CZ inactive
Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group CZ-0010 CZ 00420/272112302 active
Pojištovna Ceské sporitelny, a.s. CZ-0007 CZ inactive
Pojišťovna VZP, a.s. CZ-0053 CZ 00420/226294294 active
Pillow pojišťovna, a.s. CZ-0081 CZ 00420/246097284 active
Slavia pojišťovna, a.s. CZ-0021 CZ [420] 255 790 111 active
Union pojištovna, a.s. CZ-0035 CZ inactive
UNIQA pojišťovna, a.s. CZ-0014 CZ 00420/225393111 active
Wüstenrot pojišťovna, a.s. CZ-0073 CZ 00420/224405111 inactive
Zürich pojištovna, a.s. CZ-0025 CZ inactive
Wüstenrot - subsidiary for the Czech Republic CZ-0062 CZ [420] 257 092 549 inactive
Euro Insurances DAC CZ-0083 CZ active
Organisation Type Code Name Address Phone Email
NCR CZ CORIS Praha a.s. 00420/ 261 222 444
NCR CZ INSERVICE MVC S.R.O. +420 241 483 230
NCR CZ MAI INSURANCE BROKERS, s.r.o. 00420/ 226 284 213