The EU MID provide for the establishment of various bodies in each Member State


What are the bodies established by the EU Motor Insurance Directives?


1. The Compensation Body

Each EEA Member State is required to establish or approve a Compensation Body which is responsible for compensating the victim for accidents caused in another EEA Member State than the state where the victim has his residence, in the 4 following situations:

> No Claims Representative appointed: In case an insurance company has (contrary to the obligations of the MID) omitted to nominate a Claims Representative in a certain Member State, the role of the Claims Representative in that Member State shall be taken over by a "Compensation Body". Therefore the victim can present a claim to the Compensation Body.

No presentation of a reasoned reply within a period of 3 months: the Compensation Body will intervene in the case where the insurer of the liable vehicle and/or its Claims Representative has not provided a so called “reasoned reply” to the claim within 3 months of the date when the visiting victim presented his/her claim for compensation.

Non-identification of the vehicle responsible for the accident.

Non-identification of the insurer of this vehicle within 2 months after the accident.


2. The Guarantee Fund

The Guarantee Fund is established in each EEA Member State in accordance with pdf icon the 2nd Directive - (84/5/EEC) and must provide compensation for damage to property or personal injuries caused by a vehicle whose identity or insurer cannot be traced (unidentified vehicles) or for which the insurance obligation has not been satisfied (uninsured vehicles).The obligations of the Guarantee Fund can be made conditional, as described more in detail in the pdf icon Codified MID . Moreover, Member States are of course free to entrust other tasks to the Guarantee Funds.


3. The Information Centre

In order to enable a victim of a road accident to seek compensation, the Information Centre is responsible for:

> Keeping registers for the country concerned for a period of 7 years (after the termination of the registration of the vehicle or of its insurance contract), such as:

  • the registration number of the vehicle (license plates)
  • the number of its motor third party liability (MTPL) insurance policy
  • insurance companies and their Claims Representatives
  • the list of vehicles exempt from MTPL cover and the details of the body covering those vehicles (if applicable)

> Coordinating the compilation and dissemination of this sort of information;

Assisting entitled persons (victims, insurers, Compensation Bodies, Guarantee Funds…) to have access to that kind of information.

The EU Motor Insurance Directives apply to the whole European Economic Area