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About the CoB


The COB is the Managing Organisation of the Green Card system and coordinating the activities of the different partners involved in the Motor Insurance Directives. [READ MORE]



Green card system


The Green Card system is a protection mechanism for victims of cross-border road traffic accidents. It consists of 48 member countries. [READ MORE]

EU motor insurance directives


The EU Motor Insurance Directive further enhanced the system of the protection of victims implemented within the European Economic Area. [READ MORE]




Following the military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, the Supervisory Board of the COB has decided to release the following statement:


1. The COB strongly condemn the attack perpetrated by the Russian Federation against the sovereign and independent territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognised borders, in violation of Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter.

2. The solidarity of the COB is with all people who are exposed to the permanent risk of dying, starving, being displaced or having to escape in the course of this act which is in violation of international law.

3. The COB urge the immediate peaceful resolution of the war through political dialogue, negotiations, mediation and other peaceful means.

4. The COB are constantly monitoring and considering the consequences of the hostilities on the proper functioning of the Green Card system.